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FabCollab Candle for a Loved One

We invite you to dedicate a real wax candle to someone in your life you would like to honour. Many of us have lost loved ones in recent years, and we all know someone who deserves to have a light shone upon them.

FabCollab partners with Infāque

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FabCollab has partnered with Infāque to diversify our community’s impact. Infāque provides a platform to contribute to philanthropic causes such as nature, education, food, and many more. 


Signup is simple: Choose your causes. Subscribe to a monthly contribution.

Your contributions rapidly fund urgent nonprofit projects. You get real time insights.

For every community member who signs up to Infāque through our website or the link below,

FabCollab automatically receives a portion of the contribution to support artists. 


Signup now! Support FabCollab, Support others in need.

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